Kluang series : Part 2

After the huge breakfast, we wanted some refreshments. After all, we had been baking in the car since the morning. So, my brother stopped by the van in front of Fujifilm to get some herbal tea for us to reduce the heat. We then went to my aunt's house to rest for a while since [...]

Skudai Braised Duck @ Johor Bahru

Ok! I have been postponing this post for at least a year. It was one of  those moments where you kept telling yourself, "Tomorrow lah. I will do it tomorrow." A year later, you realized that you have missed out on more than 365 days of tomorrow. The word "tomorrow" can be a little dangerous. [...]

So I went to co-work at Co3@Puchong

So, I was on leave for the past two days with no real plans in particular. At first, all I wanted to do was rest and recuperate, then I thought I might as well work on my new project. Since I was stumped in my progress, I decided to check out those co-working environments - [...]

The Ice Cream Project TIP @ Johor Bahru

As you might have known by now, I recently went to Johor Bahru with Edmund who chose to stay at The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. From the moment we arrived until the very last day of our stay at JB, he kept looking for The Ice Cream Project TIP. To be honest, it was not [...]

Hotel/Hostel Reviews : The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen @ Johor Bahru

Over the first of the September long weekends, I went to JB with Edmund. Since he wanted to meet with his Johorian friends and I wanted to meet with my Singaporean friend, we decided to YOLO. He booked a room at this little Airbnb called The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. I thought it was a [...]

One Month in Europe : The Budget (GBP2070)

So, I finally finished compiling everything I spent on while I was in Europe last Christmas, from the moment I land until the moment the plane took off. According to my travel journal, I have spent in total £2070.41 for one month. I went over the rough sketch of my expenditure and I am over the [...]

Feast in Europe

Hi y'all! This is just a post documenting and compiling some of the food I ate in Europe during my travels in Dec-Jan 2017 and May-June 2015. I know that there is Asian food in my photos, but I am Asian, born and bred in Malaysia. I can only go without Asian food for so [...]