Go Noodle House @ Pavilion

Sorry for the infrequent updates, guys. I have been quite busy lately. Anyway, a short post for today. I would like to introduce to you the famous Go Noodle House. They are everywhere in Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley nowadays, so you don't have to go all the way to Pavilion just for a bite. What makes [...]

Two Sons Bistro @ Starling Mall, PJ

Since Leon's birthday fell on a Monday, we were unable to celebrate with him. Thus, when the long awaited Friday finally arrived, Edmund, Therese, Amanda, JW, and I went out for a belated celebratory dinner with him. It took us almost a week to decide what to eat and where to go - we are [...]

So I went to co-work at Co3@Puchong

So, I was on leave for the past two days with no real plans in particular. At first, all I wanted to do was rest and recuperate, then I thought I might as well work on my new project. Since I was stumped in my progress, I decided to check out those co-working environments - [...]

Betjeman & Barton @ Pavilion

  On a fateful day, we went to Laduree to have a atas (high end) tea session, all happy and whatnot. I went there expecting a fancy place with beautiful decorations but what I can say is that, I was thoroughly disappointed. I did not expect it to be outside, in an open area, where [...]

Ichi Zen @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

I had a small gathering with some of my high school friends few weeks prior and we went to Pavilion. After we went through the usual "what to eat, what to eat, WHAT TO EAT", we decided on Ichi Zen at Tokyo Street. As part of the Edo Ichi Group, Ichi Zen aims to "promote [...]

W.I.P Cafe & Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

A while back, my cousin invited me and my mum out for dinner and we went to this place called WIP at BSC. WIP was kind of a cozy place for a mini gathering. Overall, despite the disappointing Chicken Tikka, I do enjoy the beef Espetada and the carbonara pasta at the WIP. Maybe it [...]