Kluang series : Part 1

If you have read my previous post on Kuala Lumpur version of BKT, then you would know what is coming in this post on BKT. So, over the last weekend, I went back to Kluang to visit my new nephew. He is damn adorable I tell you. I wanted to "kidnap" him back to KL [...]

Skive @ Bangsar

Lately, I have been dropping by Bangsar Village quite often - courtesy of my mother - and I often passed by Skive with all the intention of visiting it one day but no action was ever taken...Until this day. The bread always look delicious and I can hear them calling for me (*drama*). In addition [...]

Kluang, my hometown

I love my hometown and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is MY hometown. I love it because of how different it isĀ compare to Kuala Lumpur. People in KluangĀ are more chill-lax, living expenses there does not make you want to kill yourself, and the food there is awesome. Sure, it's a [...]