The Ice Cream Project TIP @ Johor Bahru

As you might have known by now, I recently went to Johor Bahru with Edmund who chose to stay at The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. From the moment we arrived until the very last day of our stay at JB, he kept looking for The Ice Cream Project TIP. To be honest, it was not [...]


Betjeman & Barton @ Pavilion

  On a fateful day, we went to Laduree to have a atas (high end) tea session, all happy and whatnot. I went there expecting a fancy place with beautiful decorations but what I can say is that, I was thoroughly disappointed. I did not expect it to be outside, in an open area, where [...]

Hotel/Hostel Reviews : The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen @ Johor Bahru

Over the first of the September long weekends, I went to JB with Edmund. Since he wanted to meet with his Johorian friends and I wanted to meet with my Singaporean friend, we decided to YOLO. He booked a room at this little Airbnb called The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. I thought it was a [...]

Ichi Zen @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

I had a small gathering with some of my high school friends few weeks prior and we went to Pavilion. After we went through the usual "what to eat, what to eat, WHAT TO EAT", we decided on Ichi Zen at Tokyo Street. As part of the Edo Ichi Group, Ichi Zen aims to "promote [...]

W.I.P Cafe & Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

A while back, my cousin invited me and my mum out for dinner and we went to this place called WIP at BSC. WIP was kind of a cozy place for a mini gathering. Overall, despite the disappointing Chicken Tikka, I do enjoy the beef Espetada and the carbonara pasta at the WIP. Maybe it [...]

Wizards at Tribeca @ Jalan Imbi – Again!

We were planning for an outing and my friends suggested Wizards at Tribeca. Even though I was recently there, I thought, "Meh, I can try the other stuff in the menu this time." Honestly, I was really disappointed with my choice. I was expecting something great that can turn me Japanese. Instead, I was fed [...]

Shugatori @ Damansara Uptown

  If it is me, I would have named this "The Ultimate Matcha". This is my favorite so far. The charcoal toast was crispy, with a really pleasant buttery taste. My first bite went like this, "This is...What is this heavenly taste?". The matcha powder on the toast itself has a negligible hint of bitterness [...]