Kluang, my hometown

I love my hometown and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is MY hometown. I love it because of how different it isĀ compare to Kuala Lumpur. People in KluangĀ are more chill-lax, living expenses there does not make you want to kill yourself, and the food there is awesome. Sure, it's a [...]

A small town named Bled

I was searching for hidden gems in Europe when I came across pictures of Bled. It was beautiful and it has this small island in the middle of Lake Bled where you could actually go over for a visit. To get there, you could take a ride in this boat unique to Bled known as [...]

Back to Nature in Poland

You know, growing up in a small town and with my house situated in a 'kampung', I tend to think fondly of nature and would always choose to go to places that reminds me of nature. Thus, my first stop in Poland landed me at a small town near the Poland/Slovakia border : Zakopane. Zakopane [...]