Hoshino @ Mid Valley (photo blog)



The Ice Cream Project TIP @ Johor Bahru

As you might have known by now, I recently went to Johor Bahru with Edmund who chose to stay at The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. From the moment we arrived until the very last day of our stay at JB, he kept looking for The Ice Cream Project TIP. To be honest, it was not [...]

Betjeman & Barton @ Pavilion

  On a fateful day, we went to Laduree to have a atas (high end) tea session, all happy and whatnot. I went there expecting a fancy place with beautiful decorations but what I can say is that, I was thoroughly disappointed. I did not expect it to be outside, in an open area, where [...]

Hotel/Hostel Reviews : The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen @ Johor Bahru

Over the first of the September long weekends, I went to JB with Edmund. Since he wanted to meet with his Johorian friends and I wanted to meet with my Singaporean friend, we decided to YOLO. He booked a room at this little Airbnb called The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. I thought it was a [...]

Wizards at Tribeca @ Jalan Imbi – Again!

We were planning for an outing and my friends suggested Wizards at Tribeca. Even though I was recently there, I thought, "Meh, I can try the other stuff in the menu this time." Honestly, I was really disappointed with my choice. I was expecting something great that can turn me Japanese. Instead, I was fed [...]

Shugatori @ Damansara Uptown

  If it is me, I would have named this "The Ultimate Matcha". This is my favorite so far. The charcoal toast was crispy, with a really pleasant buttery taste. My first bite went like this, "This is...What is this heavenly taste?". The matcha powder on the toast itself has a negligible hint of bitterness [...]

Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara

Last Sunday, I decided to drop by Fifth Palate at Kota Damansara. Due to the overwhelming distance from my place (*dramatic urgh*), it is considerably rare for me to suggest a visit to Damansara. I tend to complain whenever my friends suggest places that I know will take me at least an hour of commute [...]