Go Noodle House @ Pavilion

Sorry for the infrequent updates, guys. I have been quite busy lately.

Anyway, a short post for today.

I would like to introduce to you the famous Go Noodle House. They are everywhere in Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley nowadays, so you don’t have to go all the way to Pavilion just for a bite.

Image result for stephen chow meatball

What makes Go Noodle House special? Well, that was what I thought about when my friend brought me there for the first time two years ago (i think). If memory serves me right, it was MJ and we went for dinner/supper.

Anyway, I like this franchise because they reminded me of Stephen Chow’s God of Cookery show…especially the scene with the meatballs. So juicy that it squirts when you bite on it, so bouncy that you can play ping pong on it.

Do check out the show! It’s a classic!



So, the bouncy and juicy meatballs that I once thought to be a myth that only existed in movies turned out to be REAL!

Go Noodle House has it and they are really JUICCCCCCCCCCYYYY!!!! I might have accidentally squirted someone when I bit into it. You have to be really careful when you are eating it or you might squirt the juice on someone or it might leak all over your shirt.


Despite it being called Go Noodle House, I am actually not a fan of their noodles. There is just nothing special about it that I can shout about.

I think in the 10 or so times that I visited the franchise, I have only ordered noodles based meal twice.

The rest of the time? MEATBALLS, OF COURSE!


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