Kluang series : Part 2


After the huge breakfast, we wanted some refreshments. After all, we had been baking in the car since the morning. So, my brother stopped by the van in front of Fujifilm to get some herbal tea for us to reduce the heat.

We then went to my aunt’s house to rest for a while since it was still too early to check-in. After spending about 30 minutes there, we went out for snacks. I cannot find the photos in my phone so I cannot post it here.

Seafood porridge!

Anyway, an hour later, we managed to check ourselves in at “Raodifang”, a homestay place near Jalan Yap Tau Sah.  After a short rest, we went to Restaurant 128 for lunch with my aunts and cousins.

Fried chicken…I think. Not the best dish of the day.
Frog legs anyone? Have I ever mentioned that I am a fan?
Fried Tofu Skin

After lunch, I actually wanted to get some blogging work done. However, my mum wanted to go out for more food. In the end, we went to Uncle Frog. To be honest, the dessert was pretty good.

Brother : If only KL has this kind of places.

I rarely go out to places that are not easily accessible by LRT/MRT. So here is a question for my readers : Is there any place in KL where we can go for cheap tasty dessert while sitting in an air-conditioned room?




Lala / Clams

After snacks, it was time for dinner. We went to Xiang Xia Lao Restaurant at Taman Kluang Indah.





I was so tired and bloated after dinner that all I wanted to do was blog and sleep. However, my brother had to go and taunt us. In the end, we went out for supper at Ah Fu Satay.

Satay!! The peanut sauce is really good!
Oyster omelette / Or Chien. I actually disliked Or Chien but this was really good.
Crispy Fried Chicken! There is another place in Kluang that has better fried chicken, but that is a story for another time.


The place is at Jalan Tan Kim Seok.


After we were done with Ah Fu Satay, my brother asked if we wanted to go get the freshest roasted pork in town. He said they make it right on spot. I was curious and I thought maybe they roast the pork on the spot. Boy! Was i wrong!


Look at the carcasses at the back! Then look at the juicy roasted pork at the front!
Seriously…This is some of the best roast pork and char siew I have ever had! Sure, it was damn fatty…but you know, I was on holiday. Meh!

So, that was my first day at Kluang last week. Man, I have never ate that much before! I have to admit that I am too old to be eating constantly. Damn, I used to be able to eat non-stop!

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