Two Sons Bistro @ Starling Mall, PJ

Since Leon’s birthday fell on a Monday, we were unable to celebrate with him. Thus, when the long awaited Friday finally arrived, Edmund, Therese, Amanda, JW, and I went out for a belated celebratory dinner with him. It took us almost a week to decide what to eat and where to go – we are not good at this – but in the end, we agreed on Two Sons Bistro at Starling Mall.

2018-10-21 101857838344..jpg
Zuppa Vongole : Not related to the Hitman! (holler if you know what I mean)
2018-10-21 10135431489..jpg
Chili Butter Cream – The main attraction of the night
2018-10-21 101595219579..jpg
The buttery, and crusty garlic bread was the perfect companion to a gravy based dish!

Instead of ordering one pot of clam and one pot of mussel, Leon and I were both attracted to the clams. Hence, we ended up with two pots of clams on our table. In order to get more variety, we ordered two different style of cooking : Zuppa Vongole & Chili Butter Cream. For the side dish, we can choose either fries or garlic bread. We ended up choosing garlic bread.

I did not expect to get full from eating clams but boy oh boy! Am I wrong! When the waiters brought over the pots, removed the lid and showed us the glorious steaming pot of clams, I knew I would have trouble finishing the thing by myself. The portion per pot was quite huge ( roughly 900g of clams?) and it came with two baskets of garlic bread (5 pieces per basket). To be honest, I think the main size version of the clams are meant for sharing. Luckily I came with a group of people, and half of them are adult men with normal adult men’s appetite.

The Zuppa Vongole was good but it was overshadowed by its’ Asian cousin, the Chili Butter Cream. Tinted with a little bit of spiciness, the clams cooked in Chili Butter Cream was able to absorb the flavor quite well. In addition, the thicker consistency of the CBC makes it easier to be used as a dipping sauce for the bread. For Zuppa Vongole, it was good. It was basically clam soup and I just drank it like…a soup! I prefer to drink it than to dip my bread in it. However, the boys appeared to be enjoying both drinking and dipping.

At RM 45 per pot, it was quite hefty but the portion was worth it. If you are a person with tiny appetite, then maybe you should consider the RM 25 starter size (roughly 450g). It comes with one basket of garlic bread.

2018-10-21 102001685739..jpg
Crayfish Aglio Oglio – Aglio Oglio topped with Crayfish and Black Caviar

Therese, Amanda and JW all ordered the same thing. To their credit, the pasta was good. The pasta was cooked al dente, and the freshness of the crayfish brought with it a slight sweetness. Given that all three of them ate everything, I would say that they like the dish.

JW was saying something about commenting something cool for me to quote here, but I cannot remember anything cool. So…Sorry, dude! Guess you would have to try harder next time.

2018-10-21 10630023177..jpg
See the pizza at the back? I can’t remember what is the name of the dish. Edmund ordered it.

Edmund gave me his usual three words reply when it comes to food : It was good.

2018-10-21 11816509018..jpg
Happy Birthday, Leon! 


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