So I went to co-work at Co3@Puchong

So, I was on leave for the past two days with no real plans in particular. At first, all I wanted to do was rest and recuperate, then I thought I might as well work on my new project.

Since I was stumped in my progress, I decided to check out those co-working environments – basically the latest hype in KL. I was googling through the various establishments and what caught my interest was CO3 at Puchong. As usual, I texted my friends to see who was interested enough to explore with me. After all, exploration is more fun when you have friend(s). In the end, only Leon agreed to come.

Why CO3? Cause it has an indoor adult sized slide! In Leon’s word, CO3 is an “adult playground”. He found out that there was a promotion. Instead of the usual RM 60 non-member day pass, we managed to enter using the promo which only costs us each RM 20 per day pass with unlimited coffee. My mum, however, sarcastically pointed out that we basically paid RM 20 to sit there for a whole day.

2018-10-07 011809889665..jpg
Now, kids. There is a time for work and time for play, and all self respecting adults should play more than work 
2018-10-07 011520432451..jpg
The gaming machine works! We tried it out! Leon sucks at Metal Gear! 
2018-10-07 011983263393..jpg
In case you need an OOTD midway through work.
2018-10-07 01871773366..jpg
Have I mentioned anything about their stress relief area which comes with VR room and Nintendo room? Of course, those would require extra payments.
2018-10-07 011812893509..jpg
In case you met someone new and wanted to have a place to date but does not want to sacrifice romance or extra money…
2018-10-07 011469681781..jpg
I think I should bring my group here and record our shrill singing voice. On a side note, they have a room for editing as well. Extra payment required for these rooms. 
2018-10-07 01423288982..jpg
Bar sitting for those who preferred high chairs 
2018-10-07 01783367268..jpg
Mini offices that are up for rent at RM 1,000 per month – I think la
2018-10-07 012014662899..jpg
Of all the places to park his butt at, he chose the scariest. 
2018-10-07 0163476163..jpg
How cool would it be if this is my own living room #lifegoal
2018-10-07 01656948276..jpg
In case you get stuck with unreasonable colleagues…
2018-10-07 01645938573..jpg
The concept was based on an honor system. 

My honest opinion? I love this place! It’s big enough for me to run around in whenever I get agitated or hyperactive. It has different kind of seating arrangements that my butt appreciates – sofa/hard chair/ cushioned chair/ hanging chair/ beanbags etc. It is also equipped with different type of game rooms for hyperactive adults like me.

At the moment the plans are like this : 

RM 90 w 90 C-points 

RM 600 w 600 C-points

RM 1000 w 1000 C-points 

The cheapest plan is RM 90/month. You would get an open space seating, limited entry, 90 C-points, business address, mail management services, and lockers for rent. IMHO, this plan is best for those who has a full time job. This plan only allows 1 entry per month and the entry is limited to certain hours. However, you can use the complimentary C-points to exchange for the day pass which means that in total, if you don’t spend the C-points on anything else, you would get a maximum of 4 day passes. It would be reasonable if you are just looking for a change of environment.

RM 600/month plan will get you unlimited entry, 24/7 access, business address, 600 C-points, mail management services, lockers for rent and it comes with open space seating, and also, this is the plan that I am thinking of getting. Since I am about to join the world of unemployment, I was thinking maybe I should get this plan. It would burn a hole into my slowly depleting fund, so to help cover some of the cost, I was thinking maybe I can sell the C-points to those who prefers to use day-pass. Why not just work from home, you asked? Well, if my willpower is strong enough for me to work at home, where I am disciplined enough to park my butt there for 12 hours a day, I would not be out looking for new places to work from now…or would I?

So…the RM 1,000/month plan will get you a desk in a private room, unlimited entry, 24/7 access, 1,000 C-points, business address, mail management services, lockable drawers and lockers for rent. This is definitely out of my budget. I think this plan is more suitable for those with a steady source of income. A one-man show kind of start up. I think, most importantly, working in this kind of environment will expose you to more like-minded person ie those looking to start their own businesses.

2018-10-07 03261385519..jpg

By the way, do you know that one of the founder of CO3 is Wu Chun from Fahrenheit? Can you find him from the photo above?


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