Betjeman & Barton @ Pavilion


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On a fateful day, we went to Laduree to have a atas (high end) tea session, all happy and whatnot. I went there expecting a fancy place with beautiful decorations but what I can say is that, I was thoroughly disappointed. I did not expect it to be outside, in an open area, where people can see what we were doing there. Oh well, move on.

Alas, what await us was the knowledge that only one high tea set was available.

“What the heck! Might as well take it and order some ala carte.”

2018-09-17 10326827052..jpg

Given the price, we were very disappointed with the high tea set and decided to return it without touching anything. We were also disappointed with the cake that we ordered (see the left side corner of the picture). It was harder than what we usually expect from cakes. Forks don’t usually remain straight after you stabbed it into a cake right? Is it because I am Asian and that because I have been exposed primarily to Asian style cakes and thus I did not know that French cakes are supposed to be hard? Please enlighten me on this. Thank you.

After a chat with the manager, who by the way, was quite unprofessional and rude in the way he was handling things, we decided to go somewhere else.

2018-09-17 101856646621..jpg

There are few places in Pavilion where one can live the life of a princess. One of it is Betjenam & Barton.

2018-09-17 10918699186..jpg
Wanna buy some tea ?
2018-09-17 10499695266..jpg
PREMIUM High Tea Set was about RM 59 and SUPERIOR High Tea Set was about RM 55…or is it the other way around?
2018-09-17 101071669881..jpg
Test smell the tea that you want

The services at Betjenam & Barton was good. Our waitress was quite nice and attentive as she served us. When we sat down, she brought forward a platter with a variation of tea leaves for us to have a sniff  smell in the most elegant manner and teach us the difference between the types of teas.

2018-09-17 101560452200..jpg

At Betjenam & Barton, the tea set comes in a single pax portion. You will get a three tray (tower?) and a pot of tea.  Do not think that this is all you will get for RM 55 (min). For two hours, the tea is refillable and so are the snacks in the second and third tray. No extra macarons for you ladies.

2018-09-17 101968446838..jpg
Oh hello, cute dining sets.

2018-09-17 1093164622..jpg

So, here comes the review.

Despite the good customer service at Betjenam & Barton, I cannot say that I enjoy their food very much. Tea, yes. Service, yes. Food, no.

Generally, I was OK with the food from the first tray. They tasted fresher and that one piece macaron that came with the set was acceptable. It would have be better if we can refill the first tray as I was sorely disappointed with the second and third tray.

Let’s talk about the scones in the second tray. Since it is a prerequisite for every high tea session (mine at least), I always expect the scones to be great. However, I was given lumps of tasteless baked goods. I wish I was exaggerating but I am not. In fact, the first thing I said after I took a bite was, “I feel like I am eating a lump of flour”. I think I had about 1/4 of the scones before I gave up.

The third tray was a selection of sandwiches. The filings were great but the bread itself has to be improved. It was too dry.

2018-09-17 10687419198..jpg
I am extremely attracted to the designs of the teapots. Too bad my wallet does not permit such frivolous spending. sigh….

Personally, I would probably not visit again except for the purpose of buying tea. If you have been there before, please let me know of your experience. Maybe the baker have had a bad day…who knows?

Address : P3.01.03 Fashion Avenue 3rd floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (23.36 km)
55100 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: 03-2110 5996

Open daily from 10am to 10pm.



4 thoughts on “Betjeman & Barton @ Pavilion

      1. I’ve been to the Philippine branch, and I have yet to receive the dismal service you wrote about in this entry. (Then again, Laduree here doesn’t have a full-service cafe yet – only a dessert counter for its famous macarons.)


      2. Ah! I see. I think the workers at the dessert counter are generally better compare to the ones serving at the cafe. My friends who went to shop for the macarons are OK with the service at the counter.

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