One Month in Europe : The Budget (GBP2070)

So, I finally finished compiling everything I spent on while I was in Europe last Christmas, from the moment I land until the moment the plane took off.

Restaurant at Bled Castle

According to my travel journal, I have spent in total £2070.41 for one month. I went over the rough sketch of my expenditure and I am over the budget and yet under the budget at the same time.

This is the chart, in pounds :

Money spent on mainland Europe (not UK) – 764.11

Money spent on shopping – 235.00

Money spent on accommodation – 324.00

Money spent on transport – 175.00

Return ticket to Europe (bought at 6.5 rate) – 392.30

Money spent on food in London – 93.50

Miscellaneous – 89.50 (shampoo, toothpaste, Ted Baker etc)

Krakow mall

I allocated £2228.30 for this trip. So basically, I was under the budget by £157.89. Which is good. I was overbudget in the sense that I thought I could go waaaaaaay below this budget. I’d have, except that I went crazy with shopping. You know, in conjunction with my birthday, Christmas, and New Years Eve. I always get new clothes or shoes during the last week of the year and I tend to follow traditions. It was still a good budget. I ate in a castle, went to a pub crawl, ski at one of the most beautiful place in Europe,  dressed up in colonial style clothes, went skating  with a new friend, had coffee at some of most beautiful cafes in the world, ate out mostly, bought plenty of toys, new sweaters and dresses, and had plenty of cakes for breakfast, and last but not least, I went gambling as well.


If i don’t buy the Ted Baker, the snow boots, the Lacoste shoes or the souvenirs that are now collecting dust in my room, I can easily spend less than RM10,000.

All in all, it was a good trip. I can’t wait until the next one. 🙂


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