Soong Kee : Beef Ball Noodle


Last week, out of the blue, Calvin asked me out for lunch since he has an earlier lunch hour that day. So we went to Soong Kee. Calvin said this is a famous beef ball noodles shop. Previously, I would go to Shin Kee if I were craving for beef noodles. It was easier and closer to my office. However, once I get to know the way around Pasar Seni, I don’t mind going further and further away from the office, and in this case, Soong Kee was just one straight road from my office.

RM15 for a large bowl of beef noodles with tendons (i think) and a small bowl of beef ball noodles.


I don’t know if Soong Kee is owned by the same owner as Shin Kee – since they both have ‘Kee’, but I do prefer Soong Kee more. First, it is air-conditioned, something i look for whenever I’m in formal wear. Second, it is more than a hole in the wall which means that I don’t get nervous. (read : fear of being scalded) . Third, the beef balls that I had was large and had a slight chewy consistency, something I like in edible balls.


However, there is something that Soong Kee should improve on : Cleanliness of the Vegetables. The veggies that accompanied the noodles were disappointing. I know that people don’t come here for the veggie, but it would be great if they would do something about it. Every freaking piece is bitter to the bite. Calvin said that this type of veggie is usually bitter, but I don’t think so. Despite the fact that I don’t know what is the name of the veggie, I do eat a lot of it and a properly cleaned version would not have the bitter taste.

Despite that, I’d still visit Soong Kee. It’s not easy to a good, air-conditioned, and reasonably priced restaurant.


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