Weekend 2 : YUZU at Gardens

I went to Mid Valley with LGB and Daniel last weekend and as usual, we are plagued with the dilemma of ‘What to eat’. We went to the Pokemon Cafe at Jusco to buy some Pokemon merchandise. Then we just walked around for 30 minutes, starving yet indecisive. In the end, Daniel told us about this Japanese place that I have never been to. It’s called Yuzu and its located in Gardens. The price tag there is pretty hefty but there was no line and the set selections are pretty interesting.

LGB and his Sake Oyako Don.
I had the Sashimi and Beef Yakiniku set. RM52


If you want to enjoy your meal slowly, you might want to pace yourself with the butter. I didn’t know and I just use all the butter at one shot. As a result, I have to cook the beef all at one go.


The sashimi was good. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, but it beats Sushi King and Zanmai type.


Daniel had an Ishiyaki Chicken and Tempura set – RM 38

To paraphrase Daniel’s words, the food taste like what it is worth. Nothing more and nothing less. I guess that’s good?

Ebi Gyoza – RM33
The decoration?

img20170204183537.jpgJust a side note : Did you know that there is a new Kit Kat custom shop in Mid Valley? It’s like Magnum, but with Kit Kat. I’m not really a fan of these DIY snacks. They are ridiculously expensive and they don’t taste as good as the original.

If you want to check out YUZU’s menu, here it is.


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