Regret in Zagreb


The Christmas Market in Zagreb was voted the best Christmas Market in 2015. So, I was really curious and I was pretty excited. I guess I had too high of an expectation for it. After going to the Christmas market in Colmar, London and Innsbruck, the one in Zagreb seems to pale in comparison.


However, I do like the skating rink at Ledeni Park. It was the largest ice skating rink in Croatia and it has a beautiful fountain in the middle of it. It was pretty cheap as well. The price for one session varies. It depends on the time you enter and whether you have any special discount. I was able to use my student card, and thus, the price I paid was 25kn (including ice skate rental). That is RM15.63 at the time of writing. I’d say that it is totally worth it. The views are beautiful, couples are holding hands as they skate, siblings chasing after each other and laughing freely, and parents teaching their young children/toddlers how to skate. img20161222203747.jpg

I might have started the journey by myself, but I met numerous people along the way. The first was Guldana (Gooka), a female traveller from Kazakhstan who is travelling on her own as well. We met while waiting for the bus at Bled and we ended up going to Zagreb on the same day. I was glad we exchanged numbers. Zagreb wouldn’t be as fun without her.


Before I left Croatia, I thought of trying one of their traditional food : Strukli. I had them at La Struk, a small restaurant that specialized in making strukli. Now, for those of you who does not know what strukli was, it is a traditional croatian dish made out of dough and various types of filling (usually cottage cheese) which can be either cooked or baked. I had the baked one and I can’t say I like it very much. It tasted a little weird to my Asian palate, but don’t let my opinion put you off. There are a lot of travellers who had tried and is now addicted to strukli. So, give it a go when you are in Zagreb.


Right before I left, I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships. It was an interesting museum and with every relationship, it comes with an item that the owner used to have strong feelings about. At first, I thought it would be mostly stories of a man and a woman who no longer loves each other. However, I was wrong. The museum focused on all sort of broken relationships. There were stories about broken family, losing a dear family member, lost love, lost opportunity, betrayals. It was really interesting and sad at the same time. The entrance fee for an adult was 30kn and with student discount, it would be 20kn.

There you go, my 18 hours in Zagreb. Zagreb wasn’t a big city and there wasn’t much to do, but if I could, I’d have stayed another day just so that I can make a day trip to Plitvice Lake. So, that was my regret, that I did not give myself more time in Zagreb.


One thought on “Regret in Zagreb

  1. yay me! I told u to cut the pic 😝 it wouldn’t be indeed fun if we haven’t met each other ❤️ big-fat like for the ability to describe things nicely! 😘❤️

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