I doe, I ray, I me in Salzburg

Q : How do you solve a problem like Maria?

A : Send her into the arms of a dashing captain.

2016-12-18-09.32.34-1.jpg.jpegSo, Salzburg. Beautiful city where you can see the mountains from every corner. Of course, Innsbruck is prettier but the Salt Castle is not that far behind. Recently, I learned that “burg” means castle. And salz means salt. So, the translation of Salzburg would be Castle of Salt. But! I could be wrong about this since Austrian was not my first…second, third or fourth language. However, I can’t be that far behind. Salzburg was famous for their salt. If you go up to their fortress, the souvenir store sells seasoned salt for different ingredients. I think Therese bought one for her aunt in Sheffield. Wonder how it taste like. Hmmm.


Salzburg was pretty cold when I was there. It went below negative for the two nights I spent there and it was snowing heavily at one point.

2016-12-18-01.20.31-3.jpg.jpegThere are plenty of activities one can do in Salzburg even if it is cold out there. Just layered up and don’t forget to cover your extremities.

One can visit the fortress to get some amazing views of the city and learn about the history of Salzburg and the development of the fortress.We took the funicular train up to the fortress. It wasn’t cheap but I was not up for hiking and I’m sure Therese would protest mightily if I even suggest it.
Alternatively, one can also visit the sites of production for the classic hit-movie, The Sound of Music. To be honest, I did not know that the DoReMi song I used to sing in school came from this movie.


If one is silly, like me and Therese, one can also pay to have your pictures taken while one is wearing a dress fashioned  in the 1700s style. And I should stop using “one” as a term of reference. Anyway, I love the dress! I never thought I would like something like that. Me? The tomboy? I used to think that people in the 1700s dressed weirdly, what is with their corsets and the “cage” bottoms, but I was wrong. The dress was really beautiful and I am sorry that I have nothing similar in my closet. I wish I have one, just without the “cage” bottoms.

Poor Therese. She is not big enough and her choice of dress is limited to one. On the other hand, I got more selections. Guess it helps that I am built like a European lady.

This was definitely €27 well-spent (for 2 person). I was happy and that is all that matters.


I love to watch children explore the new surroundings. There is no inhibitions and they are not afraid to show their curiosity about everything. I, on the other hand, are afraid of being thought of as a dummy, so I kept my curiosity to a minimum level. Also, to keep myself out of trouble, I don’t climb over walls anymore. To be honest, I can’t wait till I have a little hellion of my own to travel with.


Salzburg is an expensive place, like the rest of Austria. But, with appropriate budgeting, one can still have plenty of fun there.


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