A small town named Bled

I was searching for hidden gems in Europe when I came across pictures of Bled. It was beautiful and it has this small island in the middle of Lake Bled where you could actually go over for a visit.

A pletna boat

To get there, you could take a ride in this boat unique to Bled known as Pletna. I saw some of the boats with names. Kinda cute. It’s like, “I’m going to take your for a ride, Maria.” Or “I’m going to ride you, Maria.” 

It cost roughly €10 per person for a return ticket. However, most of the time, the rower would wait till the pletna is full of customers before going over.

I bet couples come here every summer to enjoy the views/make out

The thing with Bled is that there’s nothing much to do during winter. It is not completely devoid of activities, just not as many as summer. There is an activity known as ice climbing which is really interesting and I did thought about going for it. But, the weather was pretty cloudy with no chance of meatballs and it kind of put a damper on my mood. So, I decided to just do the basic stuff. I took the 7km easy walk around the lake. When I was a quarter away, it started snowing and that’s when the lake became magical. The lightly fallen snow slowly covering every inch of the roof of the church and the surrounding area is something that I couldn’t capture on my phone. Literally, I couldn’t capture the scene as my phone is not powerful enough. 

The abandoned grand piano

Oddly enough, only half of the Lake Bled was covered with snow. The other half was dry. It took me about 2 hours to walk that 7km because I was distracted by the picturesque sights from different angles and I had to stop to fully download the sceneries into my brain. 

Dear God of Bohinj, why won’t  you come out and talk to me?

After my walk, I decided to go to Bohinj. The trip from Bled Bus Station to Bohinj is €3.60 (return is €4.1 – maybe because I said Bled instead of Bled bus station) and it took roughly 50 minutes. Once I’m there, a guy who lives nearby told me what I should see and where to go. There was this small area that has a sandy part and it was pretty hard to get there. I was performing acrobatics act every few seconds because the ground is too slippery and my Nike aren’t built for snowy weather. 

Nothing much. Just trying to call out the monster of the lake

Lake Bohinj has a beautiful waterfall that you could visit. It requires a bit of a walk. However, I arrived there 2 hours before sunset and I barely see anyone. I got too scared to walk up to the mountain to find the waterfall. The floor is too slippery. If I fell and got hurt, there might not be anyone who would come and save me. Being brave and being reckless are not the same thing. 

I did get something from Bohinj. I made a new friend on the way back and we actually made it to Zagreb together, but that is another story to be told. 

Ps : Hope you guys had a great Christmas.


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