Colmar, the city of fairytale 

My journey to Colmar has ended, and I want to write out my thoughts and feelings about it while they are still strongly intact in my mind.

Colmar is an Alsace (Alsacien?) city. The easiest way to get here would be to fly into EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. From the airport, look for the France exit. Then take the Bus 11 to St.Louis train station. The bus fare would set you back €2.50. Then from St.Louis, take the train to Strasbourg and get off at the Colmar train station. That would be the second stop from the train station. For those between the age of 16-25, you can get a 25% discount at certain hours. So make sure that you tell the station clerk/ticket seller. I bought the ticketed at a discounted price of €9.90. For the older travellers, that would be €13.10 one way. The price is the same whether you buy two one way ticket or a return ticket. Personally, I prefer to buy them separately. This way, I get some flexibility on when I want to leave.

Colmar is a beautiful city located near the Switzerland-France-Germany borders. As a result, the city caters more to the tourists that came from those countries. It is tourists friendly if you are a Swiss, French, or Germans as most of the brochures are written in their native tongue. It is not tourist-friendly if you speak other languages. Most of the vendors I spoke to doesn’t even speak English, and the menus are mostly in French. My knowledge in French is at a beginner level, meaning that while I can read and understand certain basic words, it is not enough for me to get by or to start a conversation. 

I was at St. Louis train station when a little girl tried to converse with me. So, I told her the only full sentence in French that I know of, “Je ne pas parlé Française. Parlé vous anglaise?” She said yes, but only a little bit. So we tried for a while but her little bit of English is the same as my little bit of French, and we ended up sighing out loud because we couldn’t understand each other. 

However, despite the language barriers, I find Colmar to be the place that I’d like to return to, hopefully when I can actually converse in French.

The first day in Colmar, I suffered from my usual trouble. I couldn’t sleep on a foreign bed. So, I woke up around 6am, watched some YouTube, and then get ready to go catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a foggy day. However, the fog makes it a good opportunity to take an eerie/artistic photo. It also makes me question whether the shadows I saw are humans or something else. I wouldn’t be shocked if some magical folks lives here, hidden among the cracks and bellies of the city. 

Money spent : 80 Euros w/o accommodation


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