Venice under 8 hours


I found myself in Venice, the City of Water for a short trip. Now, a geography lesson. Venice is a unique city as it is actually a collection of small island. If you Google Map it, you’d see that there is a river, a water way, that splits the city into two sides. This water way is known as the Grand Canal. wp-1478697592780.jpeg

The most popular activity in Venice for a tourist is the gondola ride. However, I find Venice to be more than just a ‘romantic gondola’ ride. It is a wonderful city with a beautiful albeit slightly different culture. The buildings are built closely spaced, resulting in hundreds of narrow and twisting alleyways. Instead of making out in the back of their car, the kids would be making out on their boat, under the moonlight.

Venice is one of the top rated holiday destination. However, recently I read that the Venetians are not happy that the tourists are moving into Venice as they were afraid that the Venetians culture would be destroyed. In addition, like many other European countries, they are angry with the houses being sold to non-residents which hike up the prices. So, don’t be surprised when an old lady ran towards you, with an umbrella.


You could get a 30-40 minute ride on the gondola for €80 (at the current rate, that would be about RM372). It is the same price whether you take it alone or with 5 other people. Personally, I don’t care much for the gondolas. Not now, not yet. Maybe one day, when I have found the love of my life, I’d convince him into a midnight gondola ride with me and maybe we could kidnap or alternatively bribe a talented singer and/or gondolier to come and sing for us. But for now, the water taxi is the ride for me. A €7:50 would allows me up to 75 minutes on the water taxi ( that would be about RM35). For a solo traveler, that is the better deal for me. I get to enjoy the same views minus the ridiculous expenses.


Be warned though. Summer in Venice is crowded, like REALLY crowded. Given its popularity, it gets a lot of visitors and that makes everything even more expensive. So, if you want to enjoy Venice but doesn’t have a rich man’s budget, then it would be better for you to plan your dates properly.


The one thing that I regretted was that I did not check my dates properly. Around February/March, the Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) would be held. Venice is famous for their masquerade festival and during the month of the Carnival, it would not be weird to see people walking around with elaborate mask. I’d love to own one, but alas, it is way out of my budget.

If you are staying in Venice for a few days, why not take a day trip to Burano? In my opinion, it is definitely prettier than Venice. I was unable to visit Burano as I was only in Venice for a few hours. So, if you ever saw me in Venice, know that I am actually there for either the masquerade festival or to visit Burano.


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