I just want to clarify that Austria is NOT in Australia. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only 10 year old who thought Austria and Australia is the same. In my defense, I was staying in a small city/village and does not own a computer.img_20150605_114742

Anyway, here I am, in Vienna, the capital of Austria.There were two things that I know about Vienna before I arrived. First, it is the birthplace of Mozart. Second, Freud was Viennese.


Vienna can be quite hot during summer. I was getting a bit agitated because of the heat and has to drop by good old friendly McD and get myself a McFlurry and a cup of Coke.


There’s plenty of stuff one can do in Vienna. For those at the lower end of the budget spectrum, one can hang out in parks and palaces and imagine stuff.  For example, the table above was known as the “Partner of All Nations” and it was made to mark the addition of 10 more countries into the European Union. While I was looking at it, what I could see is the round table in King Arthur. The shape of the table was Pentagon, but one can imagine.


Europeans have different cultures compare to us. They love to hang outdoors and have a nice simple picnic when the sun is out. Buy some simple food from the supermarket and just enjoy a meal outside. Malaysians are different, and Malaysian Chinese do inherit a few cultures from China. One, we don’t expose ourselves to sunlight unnecessarily. Second, we don’t do picnics…. Or maybe that’s just me. That changed, however, when I was in Europe. Since the air is dry there, I don’t get sweaty. Sweat and make-up is not a nice combination.

I like that Viennese could have picnics while overlooking the Schonbrunn Palace. Alternatively, you can get one of the tours into the palace starting from € 13,30. The Europeans are all for young people to travel and learn more about life. So, most places would have student discount for 19-25. However, passports aren’t usually accepted as proof. It would be better if you have the ISIC card.


The thing that stops people from travelling is that they think it would be expensive especially when it comes to food. However, it doesn’t have to. Sure, it would cost you maybe around €10-30 to eat out, but no one ask you to eat out ALL the time. Save it for the special occasions. It’s not like you eat at fancy dining place all the time in your own country. Unless of course, you are a millionaire or something. In which case, you wouldn’t even be reading this blog. A bratwurst like the one shown above which you could get from a street vendor would cost you around €2-4, depending on where and when you are getting them.




Given that Vienna is the birthplace of Mozart, who is just one of the most famous classical music composer of all time, I have to attend a classical music performance. But how? I was walking around looking for a place or someone who could tell me stuff. Then, just as i was stepping out of Stephansdom, I was approached by a ticket seller. I was skeptical of course, thinking that he was probably a scammer. But I followed my guts and bought the tickets for a classical music and ballet performance at Palais Auersperg. What I learnt from this is that one should always open up their mind to new things. I didn’t know that I would like ballet up until this point.


How about a little visit to the old abode of the most popular psychologist of all time, Sigmund Freud. His theory of psychoanalysis has been widely used and developed.Of course, his most popular theory is the Oedipus Complex, which is a young child’s unconscious desire to have sexual relations with the parent of the opposite sex. I’d strongly suggest reading up on his work if you are interested in psychology.

One of my favorite quote from him is,

I believe people see something alien in me and the real reason for this is that in my youth I was never young and now that I am entering the age of maturity I cannot mature properly.


Before I left Vienna, I made a stop to the Hundertwasser House which was named after the architect who designed it. It was a playful design, splashed with various colors. Definitely a one of a kind building. However, do take note that you can’t actually enter the building without the permission of residents. So all you can do is to enjoy the beauty of the house from the outside.

Ps : I would be visiting Vienna again, for winter. Given that the nature of this visit is different, the next post I would be writing about Vienna would be different. Stay tuned. 🙂



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