Back to Nature in Poland

You know, growing up in a small town and with my house situated in a ‘kampung’, I tend to think fondly of nature and would always choose to go to places that reminds me of nature. Thus, my first stop in Poland landed me at a small town near the Poland/Slovakia border : Zakopane.


Zakopane is a town famous for their cheese made from sheep milk : oscypek. In fact, it is one of their pride. The best way to eat it in my humble amateur opinion is to grill it. Trust me, I tried them ‘raw’. It just doesn’t make it. I actually thought it was a cake because of the shape of the cheese.2016-04-10-01.24.57-1.jpg.jpeg

Morskie Oko – It has been a while since I last did any form of exercise, so the 3 hours hike to the lake was pretty tough for me. However, for those who exercise frequently, it was a pretty simple hike. You have to pay an entrance fee and if I remember correctly, it is around 5 PLN (I could be wrong with this as it has been a while).



Kasprowy Wierch – You could hike up for free, but I wasn’t up to it as the weather wasn’t that great and I don’t have much hiking experiecence…nor do I have any hiking equipments. So, like many non-athletic people, I paid the compulsory 63 zloty to take the cable car up to the top of the mountain. For some historical fact, the cable car at Kasprowy Wierch was one of the oldest cable car in Europe and it was built in 1935/1936. The 63 zloty is for a return ticket. It was pretty expensive considering that the 63 zloty only allows you up to 1  hour and 40 minutes on the mountain. I did not consider it at that time since it was in a currency that I wasn’t used to. However, after I got home and think about it, 63 zloty is more or less RM63, and to spend RM63 on a cable car ride was pretty expensive. I did not regret it because the view on the mountain was magnificent, but I don’t think I’d do it again. If anything else, I might actually hike instead.

Given that it was a small town far from the main city, most people there couldn’t speak English and I barely see any other Asian tourist there that I can relate to. Of course I couldn’t speak the language but they were pretty nice as they tried their best to understand my questions. Overall, it was a pretty chill place and the people there are pretty nice too. It is definitely a place I’d like to return to one day.


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