5 things to do at Copenhagen in Summer

Out of boredom, my friends and I booked a return flight from Copenhagen while we were enjoying our last few weeks together in our university accommodation. I believe one of us were high on some sort of substance while we booked the flights. Not me, of course. I’m way too cheap to splurge on something that only brings me temporary joy. Anyway, there we were, at our first Scandinavian country without an inkling of what we have gotten ourselves into.

For your information, Copenhagen was before my Stockholm trip. In fact, I based my budget for Stockholm on this trip. I didn’t keep accurate notes on my expenditure in Copenhagen since I was traveling with friends, but I do believe that it was more than what i spent in Stockholm.

  1. Tivoli Garden – Ah, the reason why I went over budget. Personally, if I were to travel by myself, I’d not have gone to Tivoli Garden. I’d have went for Bakken where the entrance fee is free. Theme parks just aren’t my thing. You see, I am one of the unfortunate souls that have to deal with motion sickness. In fact, I only sat for 2 rides in Tivoli before calling it quit. My stomach just can’t handle it. See why I’d prefer Bakken where it was a pay-per-ride basis? Don’t get me wrong. Tivoli is still a nice place to visit. Even though it was drizzling at the time we were there, the park is still full of kids and it definitely has the its own old school charm. Just, you know, have a bigger budget if you want to visit this place. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
  2. Swim at Pearl Copenhagen Harbour – I went to Copenhagen with the hope that I can swim for free at the harbour. However, like i said above, it was drizzling. In fact, it was drizzling the whole time we were there. Thus, it would not be wise to swim. Copenhagen is not like Malaysia where you can still swim if it rains – not that it would be smart to do so since the rain in Malaysia is often accompanied by thunders and lightning. Besides, even though it was in summer, Copenhagen was still slightly cold and with the rain, it felt chilly most of the time.Processed with VSCO
  3. Christiana – If you stumbled upon this place without knowing what it was, you might get your life scared out of you. See, I dumped my friends and went exploring by myself. I probably walked for around an hour under the drizzling rain. The stuff I do to save a few bucks – not that i mind it. I mean, I have gained a few kgs since I moved to London. Anyway, I was following the GPS, roughly. And once I was in the area, I thought I was lost again. There was a guy peeing in something that looks like a phone booth! In the daytime! I later found out that it was a urinal of sorts. Still, the place I was in looked more like an abandoned theme park in scary movies than the green light district. You can imagine my horror when a guy with scraggly beard and baggy clothes suddenly talked to me. There was a distance between us, but I was still a little cautious. Silly me. He was only asking if I’m alright and where do I want to go. So I told him. Then he pointed to an area and told me that I’m in the right place, and I just need to walk inside. Once I walked through the little gate area, I was astonished to find myself in a completely different world. People are selling weed while wearing balaclava and a bunch of people are laughing loudly at the sitting area while puffing their “rollies”. Everyone was just chilling there, and the atmosphere was good. I wish that I can take some photos but I can’t. There was a sign that says so, and out of respect, I did not do it. Respect, and the fact that I have read stories online about how you would get beat up if you take photos inside Christiana. Understandable since selling weed is an illegal activity in Denmark, even if smoking it is a socially acceptable thing.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
  4. Little Mermaid – Copenhagen was the birthplace of Han Christian Andersen, the author of Little Mermaid. To commemorate that, there is a sculpture of the Little Mermaid at Nyhavn. If the sun is out, you can jog around the area. You might even see the Danish royal family. I heard that they stay in Nyhavn.
    Here is a totally random, yet somewhat grim information : The statue of the Little Mermaid was beheaded twice before being moved to Nyhavn.image
  5. Fisketorvet – How about a little window shopping at a mall while avoiding the rain? Enjoy a hot coffee in the comfort of a cafe where you are dry and warm while you listen to the rain hitting the pavements outside.
    I don’t have a picture of the mall, so here’s a picture of H.C Andersen.

Copenhagen was a nice city. However, it would be nicer during a sunny day where you can just walk from one point to another. Alternatively, you can always rent a bicycle and cycle around around town. Cycling is common in Denmark and a lot of them cycle together as a family. I have seen parents cycling with a little pram-cycle(?) thingy attached to the back of their bikes where their young children can just sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Pretty neat huh?


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