5 free things to do in Berlin in Summer

Berlin was the first stop in my Interrail journey. I set out on my trip with a somewhat tight budget, and thus, everywhere I went, I tend to search for some fun and free things to do.

  1. Visit the Reichstag Building – a.k.a the place where parliamentary meeting is held. Admission into the building is free, however, prior registration is required. If i recall correctly, according to the registration office, it was because there had been a bombing threat before. You can either register online or register at the office situated across the road from the building. I highly recommend the Reichstag as your first stop. Inside the building, you’d be provided with an audio-guide. As you walk around, you’d be given information of nearby buildings and attractions.   received_866475063426047
  2. The Berlin Wall – Once a wall that divided Berlin, it is now used as an artistic outlet. It was now used as an outlet for artist. As you walked along what is now left of the Berlin wall, you would see different style and design of graffiti work. Feel free to pose and take pictures because that is what everyone does. You can also sign your name on the wall if you want. However, I am not sure about the legality of that act. Oh! You can buy pieces of the wall from the souvenir stores nearby. Authenticity not guaranteed.  12207500_1029001393840079_192408790_o
  3. Visit the Brandenburg Gate – A history lesson : Napoleon once walked past this gate. Once a gate of importance, now it serves as the background of tourist-y photo. However, there are still things you can do there.They have this multi-seats bike thingy that is really fun to sit in. And somewhat dangerous. Then again, without a little danger, life can be a tad bit boring.   12754896_1029001297173422_1874819461_o
  4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews – There wasn’t much you can do at the site itself. However, it won’t be an exact waste of time to visit. Take a walk around and if you pay attention – you can hear some eerie footsteps sound.  12499589_1029001370506748_2094165540_o
  5. Stroll around Museum Island – As per its name, on the ‘island’ there are a few museums. However, museums aren’t the only buildings there. The Berlin Cathedral is situated on the island too. While you need to pay a small fee to visit the museums and cathedral, walking around the island is free. Alternatively, you can just grab a Bratwurst from the ever present Bratwurst vendor and have a little picnic there. received_866475126759374
    Of course, the list is not exhaustive. There are plenty more stuff that you can do in Berlin during summer. For example, if you are an avid fan of singing, take a go at it at Bearpit Karaoke. It is free and if you are good, you would get some new friends (or fans), and if you are bad at it? Well, who cares. They are all strangers that you won’t see again. 🙂

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