6 things to do in Melbourne in Winter

When I told my friends that I am going to Melbourne during the winter season, their first response would be, “What can you do there in Winter?”. For some reason, Melbourne does not strike people as a place one goes during winter. My friends would only go there during summer or spring. However, I can assured you that there is definitely something for everyone to do during winter.

  1. Visit a snow mountain – Less than two hours away from Melbourne situated a snowy mountain known as Mt. Baw Baw. There you can play with snow to your heart’s content. You can save space by renting the equipment at rental store there. It is a tad expensive by SEA standard, but it is still affordable. If you are afraid to snowboard/ski, then you can try the husky-sled ride. IMG20140802132858
  2. Have a coffee – Melbourne is famous for their coffees. Instead of visiting a Starbucks, how about sipping a hot cup of coffee at one of their quaint coffee shops while watching the world pass by?
  3. Watch fireworks – When I was in Melbourne, I went to watch their Friday night fireworks at Dockland. It was free, and there were performance. Plus, I love their winter fireworks because it was paced according to the song instead of it being random.IMG20140815170826
  4. Try some street food – Unlike in SEA, street food in Melbourne is not cheap. In Malaysia, you can get street food for around RM2. In Melbourne, street food are a little more expensive. Then again, Australia is not really a budget friendly country. Anyway, my favourite place is this food stall called “Snag n Stand”. They served damn good onion rings and bratwurst. I’d put it as a must try thing. IMG20140807101655
  5. Visit Queen Victoria Market – Eat some fresh oysters, shop for some handmade soaps, or just sit around watching people do their stuff. There are plenty of stuff to do, and many delicious food to try.IMG20140803092502
  6. Visit the Melbourne Museum – Because it is free and educational. IMG20140805092642

While Melbourne might be less exciting to be in during winter, there are still plenty of things you can do. It all depends on your budget and preferences. With AirAsia and their discounts, you can easily buy a return to Melbourne for around RM800.


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